Published by: Michael Wheeler  

The Pensions Dashboards Programme will deliver an identity service under the governance and controls regime provided by the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. As this trust framework will not be available during our alpha and beta testing phases, PDP will procure a single identity supplier via G-Cloud 12, during October 2021, for a two-year period.

The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) is responsible for delivering the digital architecture that will make pensions dashboards work. This includes delivering an identity solution, which will verify that dashboard users are who they say they are.

PDP has identified the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework as a key building block to the delivery of an efficient and interoperable digital identity market in the UK. As such, it will provide an appropriate identity solution for the future of the pensions dashboards service. Consequently the programme’s intention is to deliver an identity service under the governance and controls regime that the trust framework provides.

However, the trust framework is in its early stages and will not be available to the programme during our dashboards ecosystem alpha and beta testing phases. We expect the trust framework to be available ahead of initial dashboard availability.

Interim provider procurement – October 2021

In the interim, to support the test phases as outlined in our delivery plan, PDP will engage a single identity provider. We will task this provider with following the requirements defined for the full solution, such as:

We will align the requirements for the service with the developing controls defined in the trust framework project, which is currently in alpha phase.

The programme will undertake a procurement exercise through G-Cloud 12 during October 2021, with a view to awarding a contract in January for two years. We will identify potential suppliers from the digital marketplace through selection criteria based on the core requirements.

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