Programme timeline

Implementing pensions dashboards is a significant undertaking and is constrained by several dependencies. Given the scale and complexity of the UK pensions industry, there will be a staged approach to the onboarding of providers and schemes.


The Phases

Phase 0

Programme mobilisation

This phase involved moving the programme out of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and into MaPS. DWP set a number of criteria to complete, including the appointment of a Principal, setting up a steering group and an initial setup plan.

Phase 1

Programme setup and planning

This phase involved setting up the programme, which included recruiting the team, agreeing the architecture, setting up working groups, seeking approval to commence procurement for a supplier or suppliers for the digital architecture and setting the first iteration of data standards – and procuring the digital architecture.

Phase 2

Develop and test phase

Upon the completion of our procurement, we worked with our chosen supplier to begin building, integration and testing of the central digital architecture. During this time, we continued to develop standards and selected the first dashboard providers for user testing.

Phase 3
From 2022

Voluntary connection and ongoing testing

This is the point at which we will connect volunteer pension schemes and providers to the service, using real data. It also represents the point at which the programme is most reliant on other organisations’ willingness to participate, before they are required to by law.

Phase 4
From 2023

Staged connection and dashboards available point

In this phase, schemes and providers will begin to be compelled to connect to the pensions dashboards ecosystem by law. We will reach the ‘dashboards available point’ during this phase.

Phase 5
From 2024

Transition to business as usual

This phase assumes a high level of coverage, meaning that the service can be transitioned into an ongoing delivery and maintenance arrangement.


Progress update report

Read our latest progress update report for more information on the work we are doing on pensions dashboards, including a high level activity plan.

Progress update report