Programme timeline

Published in Spring 2021, the Pensions Dashboards Programme timeline provides additional information about when key milestones will take place. It builds on the indicative phase plan, first published in the October 2020 progress report.

The initial phase plan still holds true and this programme timeline supplies further detail. It provides a clear breakdown of what will take place over the next six months, plus indicative timing of key milestones within later programme phases.

Timeline detail

To help understand our programme timeline, we’ve provided a definition for each element that’s listed in the diagram. Click on the accordion to see the definition, along with a note of the significance to data providers, if applicable.

Programme: phase one

architecture procurement

Definition: the process of sourcing and contracting a supplier or suppliers of the technical digital architecture, including the pension finder service, consent and authorisation service and governance register.

Significance: once the digital architecture supplier(s) are in place, the programme will move into the develop and test phase. We will start testing systems with volunteer data providers.

Working together with the supplier(s), we will be able to provide further technical detail about the requirements for connection to the ecosystem.

identity procurement

Definition: the process of sourcing and contracting a supplier or suppliers of the identity service.

liability model

Definition: publication of approach to liability, data protection and consumer protection, with indication of who is responsible should things go wrong. We will begin to develop the complaints procedure.

Significance: this document will help data providers begin to understand their legal responsibilities and liabilities relating to pensions dashboards

architecture supplier onboard

Definition: contract signed to supply the technical architecture, supplier onboards to the programme

ecosystem governance model

Definition: the ecosystem governance model will provide the framework for monitoring and auditing ecosystem participants to ensure they all adhere to appropriate standards and service levels. The first iteration is in place but the model will iterate as the programme progresses

Significance: once the governance model is in place, this will provide additional guidance to data providers on how to connect to the ecosystem

Programme: phase two

Identity supplier onboard

Definition: the identity supplier will onboard later than the technical architecture supplier, as part of a separate procurement process

Identity service integrated

Definition: integration of the identity service into the central digital architecture and overall ecosystem

test environment ready

Definition: this is where the digital architecture is connected and ready to start the testing process, initially using artificial data and then, with the co-operation of volunteer providers, real data

Significance: this is when testing starts with the co-operation of volunteer data providers, which will identify any areas for improvement before others onboard

Programme: phase three

support model fully ready to assist with staged compulsory onboarding

Definition: design standards, technical components, security and data standards as well as monitoring / reporting requirements for dashboards and pension providers in place, plus a technical helpdesk

Significance: data providers will have access to the full range of support prior to onboarding

architecture scaling and performance testing

Definition: ensures that the architecture can support the anticipated volume of digital traffic whilst still maintaining an acceptable level of service. Testing will demonstrate that the architecture can both increase and decrease capacity in reaction to demand

Pension providers: phase one

staging call for input and architecture information update

Definition: the Call for input on Staging will outline PDP’s thoughts on the order and timing for data providers to connect to dashboards. To help inform the DWP’s legislative approach. At the same time, we will publish further technical information on our digital architecture that accompanied our procurement

Significance: the staging proposals will give data providers an indication of when they are likely to be required to connect to the ecosystem

the technical information will give providers additional information about their responsibilities and what they will need to do to get ready to connect

retirement income guidance update

Definition: PDP is exploring solutions to reporting estimated retirement income as part of its refinement of its data standards. This is in parallel but ahead of the industry taskforce

Significance: this guidance will support data providers to prepare their view data, in the interim period prior to the results from the industry taskforce

Pension providers: phase two

publish technical guidance to support data provider technical development activity

Definition: following the successful onboarding of the architecture supplier(s), PDP will be able to publish further technical guidance relating to the digital architecture, which will support data providers in preparing their own find and view data interfaces, which will directly connect to the ecosystem

This is likely to include design, connection, connection protocols, technical, technological, security and data standards as well as reporting requirements for dashboards and pension providers and our view on data protection issues

Significance: this additional information will provide data providers with detail on the technical, data and security standards and interface information that they need to develop their connections to the ecosystem

early volunteer providers connected for testing

Definition: a controlled set of volunteer data providers will connect to the ecosystem to test its effective functioning

Pension providers: phase three

voluntary onboarding

Definition: connection of volunteer data providers to the ecosystem. These will support the ongoing testing to ensure the ecosystem functions effectively

establish regulatory framework

Definition: following DWP and FCA’s consultations on the regulatory framework in phase two, they will refine the proposals and create the regulations and rules that form the framework for compulsion and staging

Significance: these regulations and rules will provide the definitive detail on staging and data provider responsibilities, including when providers will have to connect to the ecosystem

Pension providers: phase four

staged compulsory onboarding commences

Definition: in this phase, data providers will connect to the ecosystem in the order determined by the DWP regulations and FCA rules consistent with our standards ready for find and view functions to support dashboards in order to reach the dashboard availability point

Dashboard providers: phase two

testing with volunteer dashboard providers, including MaPS and a commercial provider

Definition: initial systems and connection testing of dashboards, with the MaPS dashboard plus one other to ensure the connections with the ecosystem function effectively

Significance: testing with dashboard providers will ensure the ecosystem functions effectively for users

publish guidance for dashboard providers

Definition: technical spec and requirements for dashboard providers, to ensure that their product will work effectively within the ecosystem. Early guidance is available on the dashboard providers hub, with further updates to come as the programme progresses

dashboard design guidance for dashboard providers

Definition: design guidance will provide parameters for dashboard providers around how they must present functional elements of their dashboards

Dashboard providers: phase three

additional volunteer dashboard providers join testing activity

Definition: connection of a small number of test dashboards to the ecosystem

establish regulatory framework

Definition: DWP’s regulations/FCA rules in development to cover the legal requirements for dashboard providers

Dashboard providers: phase four onwards

ecosystem open to authorised dashboard providers

Definition: at this stage, the ecosystem will open up to further FCA-authorised dashboard providers. Any dashboard that meets the conditions (eg FCA authorisation, registration required design, technical and security standards) will be able to connect to the ecosystem

Significance: data providers will receive find requests via the ecosystem from different dashboards. As the requests arrive via the central architecture, it will make no concrete difference to providers which dashboard they originate from

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