Pensions dashboards draft standards

The Pension Schemes Act 2021 and the pensions dashboards (amendment) regulations give authority to the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP), as part of the Money and Pensions Service, to set standards relating to the practical operation of pensions dashboards services and the digital infrastructure needed to support them.

The standards will provide the rules and controls that will facilitate the ongoing connection to the pensions dashboards ecosystem.



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Data standards

Data standards set out the data formatting requirements pension providers must follow when returning pensions data.

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Technical standards

Technical standards are what data and dashboard providers will use to interface with the central technical architecture and/or each other.

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Design standards: consultation

Design standards will set out requirements for presentation of the pensions data on dashboards and design of the dashboards, including messaging, signposting and onward customer journeys.

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Code of connection

The code of connection will combine the required security, service and operational standards, which ecosystem participants must adhere to.

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Reporting standards

Reporting standards will provide a description of the data that both pension providers and dashboard providers must supply to regulatory bodies, PDP and DWP, to monitor the effectiveness and health of the ecosystem.

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Standards consultation response

We received 56 responses from a range of stakeholders, including pension providers, administrators and potential dashboards providers. These have been reviewed and changes implemented.

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Approach to governance of standards

Our governance approach sets out how PDP has developed the standards, outlines their scope and describes how we’ll go about setting and managing any future changes to them.

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Webinar event details

The Pensions Dashboards Programme has run a series of webinars to cover the changes and amendments to the standards. There was also a webinar for the design standards consultation. Recordings and slides are available.

Data, reporting and technical standards

Mon 05 December

Code of connection, early connection and governance

Wed 07 December

Design standards consultation

Thu 08 December

Pensions dashboards regulations

The Pensions Dashboards Regulations 2022 set out requirements for pension providers and schemes to connect to dashboards, and what organisations must do to provide a qualified dashboard service.

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Data retention schedule

The pensions dashboards standards impose obligations on pension providers and schemes to generate and persist data. The data retention schedule sets out how long we require parties to retain data.

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