Who we work with

The government’s consultation response, set out its expectations for the roles of government, the Money and Pensions Service) and for industry.

Government will:

  • ensure legislation is in place which requires pension providers and schemes to make individuals’ data available to them through their chosen dashboard.
  • work towards making state pension information available as part of the dashboard service at the earliest opportunity.
  • work with regulators to ensure the right consumer protections are in place as dashboards evolve.

We are responsible for developing the required standards, specifications and technical requirements as well as the technology and governance to enable individuals to view all their pensions data via their chosen dashboard.

The Money and Pensions Service will develop a dashboard as part of its function to provide information and guidance on pensions, but other organisations will also provide dashboards.

We will work closely with the pensions, fintech and consumer advocacy sectors to ensure dashboards are developed in collaboration with industry and are in the interests of consumers.

The diagram shows the responsibilities of our key delivery partners.

PDP Delivery Partners