APIApplication programming interface. A set of programming code, which allows two applications to talk to each other.
asserted data (AS)Asserted data is the verified identity information that the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) will receive from the identity service for the purpose of sending out to pension providers and schemes to match against their records. This includes their name, date of birth and current address.
authorisation serverThe software that manages the authorisation process within the ecosystem.
central digital architectureThe group of elements, that PDP is responsible for, that make dashboards work. These include: the consent and authorisation service, the identity service, the pension finder service and the governance register.
code of connectionSets out the requirements that pension providers and schemes and dashboard providers need to meet to connect to the dashboards ecosystem. The code of connection comprises of security, service and operational standards.
consent and authorisation serviceWhere users add more details to the asserted data to search for pensions, which the consent and authorisation service then passes to the pension finder service to send out to pension providers and schemes. It also manages the authorisation of view requests.
dashboards available point (DAP)The point at which any user will be able to start using dashboards. The DAP is decided by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, who will provide at least 6 months’ notice of the dashboards available point.
data standardsThe mandatory standards for dashboards on how data should be provided to match people to their pensions and display pensions to users. Data standards set out the format and structure of how pension providers and schemes will receive the find data and how they must provide the view data.
design standardsThe mandatory standards for dashboards on layout, content, messaging and user journeys, to ensure a consistent experience for users regardless of which dashboard they use
DWPThe Department for Work and Pensions, the government department responsible for the Pensions Dashboards Programme.
ecosystemThe overarching system in which multiple parties, technical services and governance connect to make dashboards work. Made up of pensions dashboards, the central digital architecture, pension providers’ find and view interfaces.
ecosystem governance frameworkSets out how the technical components of the ecosystem will work together with dashboards, and pension providers and schemes.
estimated retirement income (ERI)An estimate of the pension income that an individual may receive at retirement.
FCAFinancial Conduct Authority. The organisation that regulates financial services and markets. The FCA regulates personal and stakeholder pensions, and will authorise organisations to create pensions dashboards.
find dataData used for matching pensions. Users will have to provide information to the identity service, which could include their name and date of birth. The identity service will confirm they are who they say they are and verify these details. Users can also provide additional unverified information, such as previous address, mobile number, email address and National Insurance number.
governance registerA technical service to ensure that the elements of the ecosystem operate correctly and securely. Allows access to the ecosystem to be removed if a participant is operating incorrectly.
identity serviceAllows users to prove who they say they are, so that they can find their pensions. It provides certainty to pension providers and schemes that they are returning data to the correct user.
integrated service provider (ISP)A third party service allowing pensions information to be connected to the dashboards ecosystem on behalf of pension providers and schemes.
MaPS MoneyHelper dashboardThe Money and Pensions Service will develop a pensions dashboard as part of its function to provide information and guidance on pensions.
matchWhen a pension provider is able to find an individual’s pension information using the find data.
memberAn individual who has benefits under an occupational pension scheme.
participantAn organisation operating within the ecosystem.
pension finder service (PFS)Part of the central digital architecture that sends out an instruction to all pension providers and schemes to search for a user’s pensions.
pension providerAn organisation that offers personal and stakeholder pensions, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
pension schemeAn organisation that offers occupational pension schemes, regulated by The Pensions Regulator.
pensions dashboards ecosystem
See ‘ecosystem’.
self-asserted dataData provided by an individual for use at the find stage, which the identity service does not verify.
stagingThe process of pension providers connecting to the pensions dashboards ecosystem over a period of time. Staging dates are spread out over a period of time and are different for different types of schemes, due to the number of providers.
technical standardsThe mandatory standards for dashboards on how data and dashboard providers will interface with the central digital architecture and each other.
TPRThe Pensions Regulator. The public body that regulates occupational and public service pensions in the UK. They work with schemes, employers and those running pensions so that people can save safely for their retirement Pensions Regulator. The public body that protects workplace pensions in the UK. They work with employers and those running pensions so that people can save safely for their retirement.
view dataThe information about the pension which is displayed on the dashboard where the user can see it. View data will include contact information for the provider, a description of the pension type, date payable, as well as accrued value and the estimated retirement income (ERI).
volunteer participantsPension providers and schemes that volunteer to help PDP test the processes and systems as we build and develop the ecosystem.

This glossary is intended to help you understand some of the most common terms used by the Pensions Dashboards Programme.