Published by: Pensions Dashboards Programme  

The Pensions Dashboards Programme has created a series of explainer videos to answer your frequently asked questions on pensions dashboards. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce further videos.

What legislation is relevant to pensions dashboards?

What is the dashboards available point (DAP)?

When will the dashboards available point (DAP) be?

Can the dashboards available point (DAP) be before the connection deadline?

When will pensions dashboards be available to the public to use?

What is the connection deadline?

How has the connection deadline changed?

Has the dashboards available point been affected by the new connection deadline?

What are the benefits of pensions dashboards for consumers?

How will pensions dashboards benefit users?

Do pensions schemes need to provide their own pensions dashboard?

Will people living abroad be able to access their UK pensions information?

Will people be charged for using a pensions dashboard?

How will PDP ensure people’s data is safe when using dashboards?

Will there be more than one pensions dashboard to use?