What we do

The Pensions Dashboards Programme team is responsible for developing the pensions dashboards ecosystem which, will enable individuals to view all their pensions data via their chosen dashboard.

Read our latest progress update report for more information on the work we’re doing on pensions dashboards.

Watch our short video, to find out what the pensions dashboard ecosystem is composed of and how it will work:

An introduction to the pensions dashboards ecosystem

Pension finder service

The pension finder service (PFS) is a piece of technology that sends out an instruction to all data providers to search for a user’s pensions. If it finds a match, the location of the relevant data is returned to the user’s chosen dashboard, along with a key (a token ensuring secure access) which allows that dashboard to access the data and display it to the user.

Identity service

The identity service allows users to authenticate themselves (prove they are who they say they are) so that they can access other elements of the ecosystem. It provides the verification required to assure data providers that they are returning data to the correct user and no one else.

Consent and authorisation service

The consent and authorisation server manages a user’s access permissions to enable a search of their pensions and retrieve their data. It also allows users to give and manage delegated access to others, such as independent financial advisers or Money and Pensions Service guidance specialists.

Data standards

The pensions dashboards data standards will comprise of a set of data items which define:

  • the individual attributes that will be shared about a verified identity to enable pension records to be searched for a match, and
  • which elements of an individual’s pensions information must be supplied by pension providers and schemes for display to the individual (or their delegate) via a pensions dashboard.

Governance framework

The ecosystem governance framework sets out how the technical components will work together with dashboards and data providers. This includes all the associated technical connections and their operation in a live environment.

The framework will include data, technical, security and performance standards as well as design, accessibility, and user experience standards that dashboards must meet to be connected to the digital architecture.

Governance register

The Governance Register is a technical service, which provides assurances that the different elements of the ecosystem (dashboards, identity services, PFS and connections to pension schemes) meet the required standards to participate. It ensures that all these elements operate correctly and securely and allows access to be revoked if any party is found to be operating incorrectly, for example by misusing data. It will also enable compliance and monitoring of the system as a whole.

The Pensions Dashboards Programme will also develop a clear and comprehensive complaints process for users in case something goes wrong and a clear liability model, which all parties are signed up to, with routes to redress.