Usability working group

The usability working group (UWG) has been established to gather and share key insights on user needs with representatives from consumer bodies and potential dashboard providers.

The key purpose of UWG is to ensure the user is fully represented in the development of pensions dashboards. The group will also help dashboard providers to develop simple to use and engaging pensions dashboards that meet user needs. The UWG is not a decision making group, it will provide recommendations and ideas.

The objectives of the UWG are to (but not limited to):

  • share and build evidence on user needs, primarily through user research, to ensure that pensions dashboards remain fit for purpose
  • validate the information presented on the pensions dashboards to ensure it is clear and easy to understand
  • inform and validate the service design of pensions dashboards, including security standards and service levels
  • gather input and develop a set of user experience guidelines to ensure standards and consistency between pensions dashboards
  • ensure continuous user validation and feedback to user-centred design
  • enable regulators and policymakers to obtain input and feedback on areas that require new or amended regulations

The UWG members have been selected from a wide range of representatives, with proven expertise in user-centred design, service standards and design and user advocacy for pensions products and services.

If you’d like to express your interest for future working group opportunities, please contact

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