DWP has released a written ministerial statement that affects the connection timeline for pensions dashboards.
As such, the information on this page may be out of date.


Early connection guidance

The early connection guidance sets out when pension providers can apply for earlier connection to the pension ecosystem than their connection date provided by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). It also describes the process they need to follow.

If you'd like to apply for early connection, please complete the early connection form.

Download early connection guidance

    Applying for early connection

    If you would like to apply for early connection, complete the form to help us organise this for you. We'll respond to your request as soon as possible.

    You can apply on behalf of their scheme and/or other schemes where you have the authority.

    Is this application for:

    Single scheme application

    Is the pension scheme registered with The Pensions Regulator?

    Current staging date

    Has the scheme got an existing connection deadline?

    For example, schemes with less than 100 relevant members will not have a connection deadline.

    Proposed deadline date


    Are you a scheme trustee?


    Are you planning on using an existing connection
    Do you understand that you must connect within the new connection window:

    Multiple scheme application:


    You should read our early connection guidance before you submit an application. It explains why we may need to share your information with The Pensions Regulator when considering your application. Please also refer to the privacy notice on how we will process the information you submit as part of your application.