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Pensions dashboards will help individuals view their pensions information online, securely and all in one place, thereby supporting better planning for retirement and growing financial wellbeing.

Foreword from Chris Curry

This is the sixth update report on the Pensions Dashboards Programme, covering our progress since April 2022.

We have completed the build and are now testing the central digital architecture. Alongside this we continue to develop the various technical and operational standards which will enable pension providers and schemes to meet their connection duties. Over the coming months, providers and schemes will begin connecting which will lead to user testing of the live environment.

We are now working with over 20 organisations as early participants, who are supporting us with testing and refining the connection journey. These early participants are playing a vital role in preparing for compulsory staging, and their insights and feedback at this stage will shape the journey for the rest of industry.

Users remain at the heart of our vision and what we are trying to achieve, pensions dashboards will transform people’s ability to understand their pension savings and to plan for their retirement. As well as allowing users to view all their pensions together in a single, secure place, dashboards will also connect people to pension pots that they may have ‘lost’.

Dashboards will also open new opportunities for pension providers and schemes to engage their customers and members in a dialogue about their retirement savings. Crucially, this will supplement existing ways of communicating – ensuring that those without digital access are not excluded.

I remain grateful to those across government, industry, the regulators and others who continue to work together in a spirit of co-operation to make pensions dashboards a success.

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Chris Curry, Principal,

Pensions Dashboards Programme

April '22 to October '22