Identity service

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The identity service allows users to prove they are who they say they are, so that they can find their pensions. It provides the certainty required to assure data providers that they are returning data to the correct user and no one else.


What is identity verification?

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Verification is the process by which an identity service confirms that an identity claimed by an individual does indeed belong to them. The individual will be asked to provide evidence to support their claim and this evidence will be checked with authoritative resources: for example, it might look at government held passport or driving licence information, credit details or housing records to ensure that it belongs to the user that claims this identity.

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Why do we need an identity service?

An identity service is an important element of the protection that pensions dashboards design will give to both consumers and pension providers. It’s part of providing confidence to everyone that dashboard users’ pension data is secure and it’s safe to use pensions dashboards.

Engage Identity Service

How will users engage with the identity service?

PDP will integrate the identity service with the rest of the central digital architecture in the dashboard ecosystem.

Watch our video for an introduction to the pensions dashboards ecosystem.

When a user asks a dashboard to find their pensions, the consent and authorisation service within the central digital architecture will check whether the user has already verified their identity, if they haven’t, they will be passed to the identity service to do so.

Find out more about how this works on our ecosystem process flows page.

The identity service will verify and authenticate identities in line with the principles defined in Government Digital Service (GDS)’s Good Practice Guide 45 and Good Practice Guide 44.

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PDP approach

How has PDP developed its approach?

PDP has worked together with government and the identity industry to determine the best approach to identity verification and the necessary standards for the service.

Our recent call for input on February 2021, asked data providers to comment on our chosen approach.

We intend to deliver an identity service under the structure of the UK digital identity and attribute trust framework.

To support development of the test architecture and early integration, PDP will engage an interim single identity provider. We will procure the provider by the end of 2021, with a view to integration in spring 2022, in line with our programme timeline.

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The UK digital identity and attributes trust framework

The digital identities trust framework is part of the government’s wider plan to make it quicker and easier for people to verify themselves using modern technology. The aim is to create a process as trusted as using passports or bank statements.

PDP intends to deliver an identity service under the structure of the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework, once this is available.

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