How we are set up

Pensions Dashboards Programme

MaPS has brought together a programme led by Principal and Senior Responsible Owner (SRO), Chris Curry, to oversee and drive the implementation of the dashboard ecosystem. The programme team (led by the Programme Director) is responsible for driving the implementation of the dashboard ecosystem, providing support and input to the PDP Steering Group and Working Groups.

The SRO has overall responsibility for making decisions about delivery but remains accountable to the MaPS Chief Executive and the MaPS Board via a Sub-Committee.

Pensions Dashboards Programme Sub-Committee

This is a sub-committee of the MaPS Board. It has delegated authority to agree the strategic framework within which the programme is delivered; direct the work of the programme; hold the programme to account; and take investment decisions.

Pensions Dashboards Programme Portfolio Committee

This is a cross government group. Composed of all those bodies involved in the programme (PDP, MaPS, DWP, TPR, FCA) with a focus on cooperation and collaboration. It meets quarterly and has been set up to endorse a shared delivery plan, manage strategic delivery risks and review complex policy issues. This group will enable the effective management of the programme’s interdependencies.

Pensions Dashboards Programme Steering Group

This is a strategic body made up of industry representatives, responsible for informing the design and delivery of the entire dashboards ecosystem and helping prioritise and scope the work of the Working Groups. Decisions are taken by the Principal based on the steers, views, advice, guidance and assurance given by the Steering Group.

Pensions Dashboards Programme Working Groups

The Pensions Dashboards Programme working groups are forums for representatives from across our stakeholders, which bring together subject matter experts with relevant skills and practical expertise to input into the design, build and run of the whole pensions dashboards ecosystem.