Pensions dashboards:

steps to connection

Potential pensions dashboard providers must meet a minimum set of requirements in order to be eligible for connection to the ecosystem.

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Providing a pensions dashboard will be a regulated activity. All potential pensions dashboard providers will need to engage directly with the FCA to gain authorisation and approval for the activity of operating a pensions dashboard.

The FCA’s authorisation process ensures that all regulated firms meet common sets of minimum standards, called the threshold conditions, before the FCA will authorise them.

Until the legislation that enables FCA regulation is put in place, PDP will authorise participation in the ecosystem, however, as soon as the regulations and commensurate changes to the conduct of business rule are in place, dashboard providers will need to seek authorisation from the FCA.

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PDP are working with the team developing the MaPS dashboard and selected commercial dashboard providers to test our systems, to ensure the technology and our standards work for all types of dashboards.

The programme has chosen three commercial dashboard providers to support testing in our alpha phase, however it is anticipated that further providers can join once we move into the beta phase. If you would like to express you interest in becoming a potential dashboard provider, please email

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Code of connection

The code of connection will combine the required security, service and operational standards, which ecosystem participants must adhere to. It will ensure all data and dashboard providers apply appropriate levels of security, consistent operational processes and service levels.

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