Pensions dashboards:

Information for potential dashboard providers

The Money and Pensions Service is creating a pensions dashboard, which individuals will be able to use to access information about their pensions online, securely and all in one place. We expect other organisations to also create pensions dashboards.

Creating a pensions dashboard is an entirely voluntary activity. Potential providers need to understand how to get involved and the steps they need to take, so we have drawn together the relevant information here in this pensions dashboards providers information hub.

Richard James, the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP)’s Programme Director discusses how we’re working with potential dashboard providers during our initial (alpha) testing phase to support the market for pensions dashboard providers in his blog.

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Participate in the Pensions Dashboards Programme’s ongoing testing

PDP is working with the team developing the MaPS dashboard, plus selected commercial dashboard providers, to test our systems, to ensure the technology and our standards work for all types of dashboards.

The programme has chosen three commercial dashboard providers to support testing in our alpha phase, however we anticipate further providers joining once we move into the beta phase. If you would like to express your interest in becoming a potential dashboard provider, please email:

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Dashboard providers timeline

The programme timeline reflects key dates for dashboard providers and when the programme is looking to achieve key milestones to help provide clarity for potential providers.

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Steps to connection

To be eligible to connect to the ecosystem, a potential dashboard provider must meet certain criteria. The steps to connection are comprehensive and could take time to achieve.

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Pensions dashboards ecosystem

We explain each part of the ecosystem, so you can understand the part it plays in making pensions dashboards work.

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Pensions dashboards standards

To ensure the integrity and security of the entire ecosystem, all participants must apply and follow the data, design, technical and reporting standards.

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We try to explain everything as clearly as possible, but if you ever need to check what something means, we’ve provided this glossary, which covers many of the technical terms that relate to pensions dashboards.

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Research to support dashboard providers

While PDP is developing the digital infrastructure and technical standards that will make pensions dashboards work, it will not create a front-end pensions dashboard. The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) is required by government to create a dashboard and we expect other organisations to become dashboard providers.

Both MaPS and PDP recently undertook qualitative research to support the development of pensions dashboards. The MaPS research explored:

  • attitudes, behaviours, needs and expectations of potential dashboard users
  • what additional guidance and support users need beyond a view of their pensions data
  • what consumers would want to do upon seeing dashboards to inform our customer journey design
  • how open users would be to creating a profile

This research is publicly available to support any organisation that is developing its own pensions dashboard.

The MaPS research focused on user needs, expectations and potential onward journeys from dashboards.

Read the MaPS research

The PDP research focused on understanding likely system requirements and what information potential users would look for and find useful, generally, within their pensions dashboard.

Read the PDP research